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As your business navigates through current technology trends, you see more and more information – structured and unstructured. Defining the various stages and supporting technologies within the document lifecycle can be a daunting task in today’s world of Big Data. Data variety is increasing, with over 90% of all unstructured data coming from heterogeneous sources. In times of information and data overload, you need to address privacy, security, intellectual property and even liability policies. Your organization not only has to put the right talent and technology in place – you also need to structure workflows and incentives to optimize your use of big data.

How can your organization better manage the proliferation of data and information?

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Our answer

Document capture and management applications

It is important for your enterprise to face the big data issue and tackle its implications. We suggest that you optimize your internal and external communication processes with professional document capture and management applications. Improve your processing of incoming and outgoing information with efficient scanning and capture applications. Combining these with comprehensive content and document management solutions, you ensure the smooth and speedy distribution, delivery and management of all information into the right hands.

Konica Minolta offers you various document capture and management applications that answer the requirements of users in corporate environments who work with multifunctional printers and need to optimize document workflows.

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