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Since sustainability has been increasing in importance, society’s focus on environmental issues has generated a strong demand for products and services that support companies in attaining environmental sustainability. More and more companies are establishing their own CO2 targets and will only select IT equipment with a low CO2 footprint.

As we have seen this trend grow from basic eco-friendliness to an essential component of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Konica Minolta has become increasingly conscious of and has started adopting as well as ensuring sustainable business practices.

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Go green with Konica Minolta

Konica Minolta’s “Eco Vision 2050” is a long-term environmental guideline to meet our responsibilities as a globally present business enterprise by contributing towards the sustainability of the earth, its environment and human society.

For many years, Konica Minolta products have been at the front line of our industry in terms of their environmental performance. As a result, our products have received important eco certificates in the past and continue to do so:

  • German Blue Angel - The world’s first environmental labeling system is awarded to products and services that have a reduced environmental impact. With very few exceptions, almost all applicable Konica Minolta devices are awarded the Blue Angel.
  • Energy Star - Only office equipment that satisfies set energy-saving standards is awarded the Energy Star. The key decision criterion is the TEC value. Konica Minolta devices are always well within the Energy Star limits and are among the products with the lowest TEC values in the market.
  • ISO 14001 - Konica Minolta operates a management system compliant with ISO 14001, the internationally recognized environmental management standard. Our management system has long ago been adopted as the basic policy for all group production sites across the globe; and all of these facilities have been awarded the ISO 14001 certificate.

We are committed to supporting your organization’s sustainability goals by:

  • Implementing the most environmentally-friendly, document-related hardware and business workflows
  • Providing subsequent monitoring and assessment of environmental performance throughout the product lifecycle
  • Combining product design and features to support your goal of minimal environmental impact in all operations
  • Reducing your paper consumption and total print volume as well as optimizing our products’ standby times

Corporate Social Responsibility Konica Minolta engages in sustainable business practices from engineering and design through the manufacturing process and throughout the product life cycle within your organization.

Minimize the impact From industry-low TEC levels and consumables recycling for all wear items to smart proximity sensors and programming that intelligently adopts customer working hours, everything about the Konica Minolta product line is designed to minimize the environmental impact.

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