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Information Security

With extensive quantities of critical and confidential data transmitted via the Internet, both general data leakage and cyber-crime are major concerns on corporate and personal level. More than ever, enterprises like yours depend on an all-encompassing security functionality for their IT environment as reliable protection against loss and theft of sensitive corporate information.

Given the rapidly growing worldwide communication possibilities of the digital age, the risk of seriously harmful security breaches is rising dramatically. The moment a document leaves the author’s hand, document security concerns begin, especially when a document is shared with external collaborators.

How do you best handle and process sensitive documents within your global business infrastructure?

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IT and information security solutions

The demand for private cloud solutions and enhanced security presents enterprises and organizations like yours with the challenge of implementing strategies and policies to manage hybrid and other complex situations. With Konica Minolta, you gain a competent partner to assist you through our comprehensive security offering.

Our response to these threats involves a commitment to:

  • Develop and implement security-based information technologies in all of our multifunctional products
  • Safeguard the confidentiality of your electronic information, whether data or documents

You benefit from adopting document-based tools and best practices that minimize the chance of information leaks. Thanks to our core competencies in designing and implementing IT and information security solutions, we can help you with every aspect, from user authentication and data-safe hard-disk handling of disposed devices to complex network security requirements.

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