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Centralized Global Print-Fleet Management

The impact of current trends, such as big data and increased mobility has dramatically changed the enterprise imaging and printing environment. After all, devices are available in local and regional facilities, as well as worldwide. Distributed print environments can consume a significant portion of IT resources due to very diverse and also limited fleet visibility and reporting. Traditional help desk resources are typically reactionary with users calling when printing problems crop up or consumables are depleted. This process influences the organizational costs associated with IT resources and can lead to productivity losses and limited fleet visibility for reporting purposes.

How can you achieve a proactive and cost-effective print-fleet management strategy?

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Our answer

Optimized Print Services

Consider our Optimized Print Services (OPS) concept to improve your entire document production and management structure in a three-phase process: Consult, Implement & Manage.

The Consult Phase begins with an understanding of your current print environment and your vision for its future state. We use your actual finance and operation data as well as document workflow facts gathered by a unique consulting process on a global common template to consolidate and develop for you best practice recommendations, which will meet your strategic sourcing objectives. Our methodology and tools enable us to provide print solutions that are customized to meet your organization’s goals.

The Implement Phase goes beyond the installation of your new print solution, also offering the flexible and continuous adjustment to your management changes and technology upgrades. We use recognized standards to ensure the successfully managed deployment.

Finally, the Manage Phase offers a scalable portfolio of services to run and manage your fleet. With an offering tailored to your individual needs and requirements, Konica Minolta will compliment existing IT services, assume full operational responsibility, and monitor performance by means of detailed reports.

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