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Our Optimized Print Services (OPS) program is the essential element of our business services and covers all aspects of managed print services, ranging from assessment to implementation. Our direction ties all elements of the document supply chain together under a single platform designed to drive cost performance through a deep understanding of your global print environment. Our methodology combines consultancy with hardware and software implementation and operation in order to achieve considerable improvements on the basis of precise facts and figures, and to guarantee cost reductions and trouble-free processes.

The OPS concept comprises the three pillars: Consult, Implement and Manage.

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In order to increase your overall productivity and realize enterprise-wide cost savings, we not only capture and analyze your existing hardware and related services, but also screen all your document workflows, including scanning, printing, archiving and outsourcing. All this, using a common global web-based template in order to present the consolidated results in one common language and with a common focus on your defined, globally relevant research attributes. We can also help you optimize the security protection for documents and devices, with multiple options for user authentication, account tracking, data encryption and network security. Through our understanding of your global business challenges and strategic goals, we customize the best solution for your organization.

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Next, we present the right-sized document fleet for your actual business needs. Take advantage of our innovative hardware portfolio of bizhub digital multifunctional devices, which is widely recognized by industry experts as the most advanced and comprehensive equipment line in the industry, offering these key features:

  • Sophisticated digital functionality
  • Networked productivity
  • Finishing power for on-demand production

When combined with our outstanding array of software solutions, the comprehensive solutions we provide help you speed up your output, simplify your workflow and seamlessly integrate your document systems and business processes.

We provide world-class support for your entire system landscape, including automated meter reading, proactive maintenance and delivery of consumables, online training, and much more.

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We help you with the on-going management of your entire installation by keeping your equipment operating at peak performance, and by implementing remote monitoring to reduce your administrative costs and free your IT staff to concentrate on their true business objectives.

Besides, you profit from Konica Minolta initiatives that:

  • Minimize energy consumption
  • Reduce pollution
  • Recycle consumables effectively
  • Watch, manage and avoid the underutilization or capacity overload of devices
  • Track newly emerging and changing needs and manage the corresponding upgrading of the existing equipment and solutions
  • Evaluate the optimal suitability of machines and settings, services and applications in order to define viable standards
  • Ensure operation to the agreed standard of the employed software, machine firmware and drivers
  • Provide transparency of printing fleet performance and related management reporting

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