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With the extensive availability of technological innovations, knowledge workers are increasingly mobile. Most office employees no longer need to spend their entire working time at their company’s premises but can work flexibly from a location of their choice. Experts predict that the mobile worker population will soon exceed one billion or over 35% of the total workforce. These changing work conditions have a fundamental impact on the collaboration among co-workers, with information and documents required to be available everywhere. This mobile workforce most depends on enhanced flexibility, which in turn is causing a significant increase in the use of smart mobile devices.

How can you improve the flow of information within your mobile and global environment?

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Cloud and mobile printing applications

To meet the demands of a growing mobile workforce, you need professional cloud and mobile printing applications to provide reliable secure printing, offer flexible job submission (such as native printing from iOS devices via AirPrint) and support a choice of mobile devices as part of your organization’s bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy. Such applications should also facilitate accounting and charging, and naturally offer support for different file formats and output settings.

The Konica Minolta portfolio offers various cloud and mobile printing applications that meet these requirements.

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