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Business Innovation

Innovation is a key differentiator for any global company aspiring to be the best in their industry. Konica Minolta’s history and commitment of investing in innovative products and solutions have positioned us as a clear leader in our industry.

At Konica Minolta we believe in fostering meaningful innovation, developing new technologies and growing creative ideas that deliver significant change for millions of people. As part of our strategy to meet these goals, we have created Business Innovation Centres (BICs) across the world. Their function is to initiate, support and manage new business and technology development, as well as to incubate new ICT service businesses for Konica Minolta.

We are relying on collaborating and co-innovating with a wide range of partners, e.g. universities, research institutes, start-ups and customers. And we are looking for innovative hardware, software and service partners in four different fields: workplace of the future, service automation, enterprise information and enterprise security.

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